Life’s journey is not a continuing success.  We all encounter challenges, setbacks, and disappointments in a variety of areas, including parenting, health, and personal financing.  An enriched life should balance all of these elements, and after years of contemplating how to achieve this, I am reaching out to you.  My goal is to bring together a community of 1 million people to flourish together.

I would like to use social media to create an environment which fosters learning and mutual success.  Our community will learn and develop within our parenting, living a healthier life, and expanding our self-worth and net worth.  I hope that our podcasts, articles will educate, inform and motivate you to help achieve your goals, and allow 1 million people to flourish in 2019.

Hanh D. Brown

Mother of 3 adult children.   Married 26 years.   Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor.  Mrs. Brown grew up as the youngest of ten children and spent her earlier years pursuing a mechanical engineering career.  It was during her time spent as an engineer that she gained skills in analytical thinking, leadership, and mentoring.  However, as she watched her then toddlers grow up, she longed to be more available to them.  She felt stifled by the limits of the corporate world, which made it difficult to juggle her career and family.  It was this struggle for balance that led her to the gift of entrepreneurship through real estate investing. 

Mrs. Brown then faced a series of new challenges that come with being an entrepreneur, such as building a professional network and marketing her business.  Also, she dealt with many personal challenges relating to health, family, and finance.  In response to these trials, she strengthened her mind and body, which prepared her to take on these obstacles at her optimal level.  Her family is also the driving force behind her motivation, and it was the desire to leave behind multi-generational wealth that fueled her success on the most trying days.  Now, she manages an impressive real estate portfolio and has built up her team of real estate professionals, including brokers, attorneys, and syndicators. 

The passive income she generates through real estate investing has allowed her the flexibility and time to focus on caring for her family.  In addition to balancing her family and career, she is currently experiencing a season of new changes, such as caring for an elderly parent, preparing for empty nesting, and managing the biological changes that one’s your body endures as it grows.  There are three aspects that Mrs. Brown believes everyone aspires to achieve during their life journey: mental and physical health, meaningful relationships, and a multigenerational wealth for the next generation. 

Prosperity is a journey, and she wants to walk with you on your path by creating a community where readers learn and encourage each other by sharing their parenting stories, advice on leading a healthy lifestyle, and insight into gaining financial prosperity through real estate investing.  She hopes the podcast and blogs in this community will help you and other readers reach mutual success and leave behind a legacy for your families.  Show Less

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